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Please remember that we have a number of leagues that need to be processed. We also have a three day post-bowling policy in effect which is listed in each of our leagues rules. This prohibits us from processing the league standings until the fourth day after the league bowls. Given these two circumstances we make our best effort to get your league standing on the website in a timely manner, usually one to two days prior to the leagues regularly scheduled time.

Example: If league bowls every Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are post-bowling nights. Friday would be the first day we can process the scores from Monday night. Once those league results are processed we can then upload them to the website Friday evening or Saturday as soon as they are completed.

Award Scores

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     615 Players Trio
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     Roseway  8      
     Sunday Nighters
     T.G.I.F. 16,1,2
     Tiny Mites
     Tuesday Twisters
     VIP Seniors
     Westside Men's Classic


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