Park Lanes Family Entertainment Center

6360 SE Alexander St.
Hillsboro, OR 97123
(503) 642-2161

2016 Summer Leagues


Sign up as a group, team, couple, or individual. We have a league for everyone.  As a league member at Park Lanes you receive:


  • Up to 15% Pro Shop discounts on all balls, bags, and shoes
  • Special league bowler discounts on open bowling
  • Rental shoe discounts
  • End of season discount coupon

    Full Season Leagues

    Our Summer leagues provide bowlers a great opportunity to get together with friends, family, co-workers once a week to have a great time.  These leagues provide bowlers a low to moderate competition level while maintaining a fun, friendly atmosphere.


    Day League Name
    # Per Team
    Meet/Start Date
    Approx. Cost
    Mon.  9 Pin No-Tap
     7:00pm  4-Adult Mixed
     5/23/16  $15.00
    Tue.  **Family Pizza
     6:30pm  4-Any Mixed
    (Adults & Youth)
     5/24/16  $10.00
    Wed.  Summer VIP
     Noon  4-Adult Mixed
     5/18/16  $10.00
    Wed.  **Generation Gap
     6:30pm  4-Mixed
    (Min. 1 Ad. & 1 Youth)
     5/25/16 Adults $14.00
    Youth $10.00
     Mix-Em-Up  7:00pm  4-Adult Mixed
     5/25/16  $15.00
    Thur.  Summer Fun Doubles
     10:00am  2-Adult Mixed
     5/26/16  $10.00
    Thur.  Super Bowl
     6:30pm  4-Adult Mixed
     5/26/16  $15.00
     Baker Doubles
     8:30pm  2-Adult Mixed
     6/2/16  $15.00
    Fri.  Partytimers  7:00pm  4-Adult Mixed
     6/3/16  $15.00
    Sun.  Econo League
     6:30pm  4-Adult Mixed
     6/5/16  $10.00
    Sun. **Walking Dead Bowling Club
     6:30pm  4-Any Mixed
    (Adults & Youth)
     6/5/16  $14.00
     Every bowler will receive a certificate redeemable for a ball of their choice
    ** Bumpers Permitted
    League meetings will be held 45 minutes prior to start time the first week of bowling

    League Standings

    League Sign Up Form