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With more than 60 years of combined pro shop and bowling equipment experience, you can count on the staff at Park Lanes to take care of all your bowling needs.  We also offer bowling lessons geared towards bowlers of all ages and skill levels.  We know every bowler is difference, has different techniques, equipment needs, etc. With that in mind, our professionals will help you improve your game by getting you into new custom equipment or helping you manage and maintain your current equipment in order to extend its life and maintain its consistency.


New Equipment

Regardless of your bowling experience, we're sure to have equipment that meets your specific needs. We proudly supply balls, bags and shoes from every manufacturer in the bowling industry.  Our professional staff will help you find the perfect ball based on your goals, ability levels, price range, preferred manufacturer, style and more. We also stock an extensive supply of accessories from towels to cleaning products and much more, our pro shop is sure to have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

How to choose and use equipment: A large part in becoming a better bowler is having the right piece of equipment. Our experts will help you pick the right equipment, taking into account all the factors from your goals down to you specific fit and drilling layout of the ball.

Fitting/Drilling: Your ball should be drilled to meet the specification of your hand.  Every bowling ball we drill is custom fit to the exact specifications of the bowler. Not only is this important in order to obtain accuracy, precision and consistency when bowling, but it is also important in eliminating tension on your hand and wrist as well as wear and tear on your hand while bowling.

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There are a number of reasons its important to maintain your bowling equipment. The most important aspects of maintain your equipment are longevity and consistency. By properly maintaining and cleaning your equipment you will extend the life of that equipment dramatically. Cleaning and maintaining your bowling ball will also result in more consistent performance. As you use your equipment it will naturally pick up and absorb oil and dirt from the lane and machines. This has a negative impact on the way the bowling ball is designed to perform.  Therefore, it is important to maintain the surface of your bowling ball, which you can do a number of different ways. Cleaning your equipment on a regular basis will extent the life of the bowling ball and keep it reacting consistently on the lane.  We also offer service such as oil extraction and resurfacing to rejuvenate equipment that has been neglected. As bowling balls age, even when maintained properly, they will need to be rejuvenated in order to continue to perform as they were intended.

Resurfacing: It's important to clean you ball after each use, to keeps its pores open and free of dirt and debris.  After enough use, however, even the most well-cared for bowling balls will begin to have its pores clogged by oil and dust. Thats why its important to periodically get your bowling ball resurfaced. The process of resurfacing sands down the outer layer of the ball, removing the dirt and oil that is clogging the pores of the bowling ball

Oil Extraction: Modern bowling balls are designed to absorb oil, making the more reactive on tha lane in oily conditions.  Unfortunately, this characteristic may cause the ball to absorb too much oil over time.  This causes the bowling ball to lose the ability to grip the lane and create friction, which makes the ball hook. Depending on the usage of your bowling equipment, you may want to have the oil extracted

General Cleaning: It is important to clean your bowling ball frequently. We suggest at the very least that you wipe down your ball after each bowling session. This will minimize the amount of dirt and oil that sits on the ball and consequently absorbs into the ball between uses and over time. There are a number of cleaning products that help in this area. Ask our experts for suggestions.

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Our friendly bowling coaches will assist you as you become more active in the sport of bowling. We provide both individual and group lessons and can cater the improvement programs to bowlers of all ages and skill levels. 

We teach our bowling students anything from the basics of bowling down the the minor aspects of bowling such as reading lane conditions and even utilizing specific equipment given the lane conditions and your specific technique.

Call for pricing on our individual and group lessons. Click Read More for additional details on our lesson programs and how we can help you improve your game.

Simple throwing techniques: Learning how to properly release the ball onto the lane is the most basic, but also the most essential part of becoming successful bowler. Our coaches will work with you on the proper arm swing, hand position, along with other aspects that allow for an efficient release of the ball.

Footwork/Approach: The way you position your feet, your starting position on the approach and your steps toward the foul line play an integral part in becoming a better bowler. Our coaches will help you determine the best starting position, teach you how to adjust that starting point for different lane conditions and make sure your footwork pairs well with your arm swing. This is essential in creating good timing, the proper release and ultimately increasing your consistency and scores.

Lane conditions/Reading the lanes: As you improve as a bowler it becomes more and more important to be able to read the lane conditions and know how to compensate for those conditions as they change. Our experts will help teach you how to understand/read these conditions, how to effectively move as those conditions change and also understand when and why these changes in conditions occur. Learning these key points will help you better understand and anticipate the changes in lane conditions which will minimize your bad games and improve your consistency.

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*Our Pro Shop is accessible at all times while the bowling center is open for making a purchase. However, there is not always someone staffed to drill bowling balls. It is always a good idea to call ahead.

Rates & Pricing

Our Services:

  • Resurface - $25.00
  • Ball Drilling (online purchase) - $60.00
  • Finger Inserts - $6.00/each
  • Thumb Insert - $14/small | $20/large
  • Switch Grip (Outter Sleeve) - $25.00
  • Switch Grip (Inner Sleeve) - $30.00
  • Oil Extraction - $25.00
  • Plug Holes - $20-35 (depending on size)

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